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Pressure Washing Or Power Washing 

So what’s the difference? Well, not much really – not at least in the common way the terms are used. Power washing and pressure washing describe the same general process. In both the pressure wash and power wash a high amount of water volume is forced through a small opening creating a pressurized water stream. This pressurized water, mixed with the proper cleansers, is simply the most effective way to clean specific surfaces.

Don't Risk The Damage

But beware, power washing can be very damaging to surfaces if not done correctly. Because of this, it’s always best to leave it to the professionals when a pressure wash or power wash is desired. For example, we do not recommend that you power wash your roof or siding. At Curb Appeal we only soft-wash these exterior surfaces. There are a few reasons why. First, pressure washing at too high a PSI (Pounds per square Inch) will destroy shingles and siding. Granules come off the shingle, and the UV layer of protecting will fray off the vinyl siding.

The Curb

Appeal Soft-Wash

You may not have heard of the term soft-washing, but it accurately describes the process that we use to clean your roof and siding. Because our detergents and cleansers do the “dirty work,” only low pressure is needed. Our process is completely safe for these surfaces, and actually is way more effective than traditional power washing. Again, as certified members of the PWNA, we are trained in the most advance methods of cleaning. We do use pressure washing techniques for concrete washing and sealing, along with other commercial services.

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Concrete Cleaning

The Curb Appeal Concrete Clean and Seal is the way to clean and protect your concrete, brick and paver surfaces.

Power Washing 

The Curb Appeal House Clean is a three-step house wash with a finish coating of our gloss enhanced surface protector.

Roof Cleaning

The Curb Appeal Roof Clean will exterminate shingle eating bacteria that is damaging and staining your roof.

Our Services

  Curb Appeal is your hometown professional power washing company with experience providing South West Indiana with power washing services. We are a professional pressure washing company and carry commercial insurance and worker’s compensation, as well as multiple certifications from the Power Washers of North America. We are fully equipped to offer a full range of pressure washing services. Curb Appeal has you covered. Does your roof have those ugly black streaks? Maybe your siding looks drab, or your concrete driveway is covered in dirt an and salt from the winter. No matter what, Curb Appeal has the service you need to return your exterior surfaces to their former glory.

Commercial Power Washing

We offer commercial power washing for businesses, condos, apartments, schools, universities and government buildings.

Deck Cleaning

Our Curb Appeal deck washing service is a safe and effective way to revitalize your wood/composite deck boards, railing, and steps.

Curb Appeal Total Clean

The Curb Appeal Total Clean is a complete and thorough washing of your home from the roof to the foundation!


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